Greg Calderiso '19

Director - Information Technology, TruStage


Why did you choose this Master's program?
When I decided I wanted to pursue my master's degree, I wanted to challenge myself to the fullest and also choose a school that would differentiate me and help me grow into the leader I wanted to become. By choosing Brown, I knew I'd be surrounded by the kind of faculty and peers I wanted to be in a classroom with to learn from and be exposed to. Growing up in Rhode Island, I also felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride by attending Brown University. 

What made Brown's program different from other programs you considered?
The  program was so perfectly aligned to the areas of growth I was looking for personally and professionally given where I was at in my career. It had a nicely balanced blend of online mixed with residential sessions along with the international immersion experience.

What did you enjoy most about your program?
The leadership portion of the program was transformational. It started with a 360-degree assessment to help you truly understand your areas of strength and areas of improvement. It's then followed by an incredibly thoughtful and reflective course that helps you become the leader you have always dreamt of becoming. 

What was your primary academic area of interest?
My primary area of interest continues to be digital transformation within industries and companies. Working in the financial services industry my entire career I hadn't been exposed to how other industries transformed through disruption. Being in an industry that is prime for disruption it was incredibly important to me to learn as much as I could through courses, faculty and my peers so I could bring this back to my company and help lead us through these disruptive times. 

What were your postgraduate goals?
My postgraduate goals were to further develop my enterprise leadership skills and competencies acquired through the program by putting them into practice.  I've gained new perspectives on how to lead and manage teams and organizations across technology sectors effectively. I also aimed to continue utilizing the network of peers and professionals in the field with whom I had formed close bonds. My ultimate goal was to continue advancement in executive-level positions and to be able to excel in leadership roles within the industry using the tools acquired through the program.

What did you like most about Providence?
The city has great heart, and is rich in culture from great food, to art, music, comedy and theater!

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
If you want to truly transform yourself and become a leader in your area of focus this is the program for you. Take advantage and really lean in to all the resources it has to offer and the network you will develop. The program is thoughtfully designed and crafted to open up your mind in different ways than a traditional business school.