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Diversity, equity and inclusion have emerged as critical components for success in the workplace. For decades, experts on the topic have conducted research, published countless resources, and taught workshops on its correlation to organizational productivity and profitability. Yet there is still a gap between knowledge and action. The question remains: How do you translate all of this information to create tangible and sustainable DEI strategies for your organization?

Putting Theory into Practice

Brown University’s Certificate in Applied DEI Strategies is a six-week online program that equips you with practical tools to foster a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. This program is led by Jarvis Sam, Professor of the Practice at Brown University, founder of the Rainbow Disruption and former Chief Diversity Officer of Nike. Focus will be given to the application of DEI strategies in order to improve employee engagement and culture, increase productivity and drive profits.  

The curriculum, delivered through synchronous and asynchronous sessions will not only build your knowledge of DEI and its importance but help you develop DEI-focused initiatives that lead to organizational success.  

Certificate Snapshot


September 26 - October 31, 2024

Highly engaging synchronous & asynchronous sessions.

6 Weeks

3, 90-minute synchronous sessions every other week

& 2.5 hours of asynchronous work a week

$ 3,520

For Full Certificate

See Registration & Cost for more details

Key Takeaways

  • Develop effective diversity and inclusion initiatives by setting clear goals, creating an action plan and tracking measurable success
  • Improve communication and collaboration across diverse teams by fostering an environment built on trust and respect
  • Gain leadership skills to navigate the complexities of diversity-related challenges and effectively manage and resolve conflicts 
  • Identify and dismantle structural inequalities within your organization that hinder progress
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning where curiosity thrives and new perspectives are embraced

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Who Should Attend?

Applied DEI Strategies is designed for professionals at all career levels and across industries who are interested in increasing their knowledge of DEI initiatives and who seek to create and implement strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization. Specifically, those who may find the most benefit include:

  • Human Resources professionals: HR professionals who are responsible for developing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in their organizations
  • Organizational leaders: Directors, managers and other leaders who want to learn how to create more inclusive and diverse teams and organizations 
  • Diversity and inclusion professionals: Professionals who specialize in the area of diversity and inclusion and would like to increase their knowledge
  • Individual contributors: Anyone who wishes to increase their awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion for themselves, their team or their organization.

“ As leaders, what we represent has limitless potential. From how we look, to how we dress, to what we say, to our actions and behaviors, it's meaningful to people. I know that me owning the full essence of my identity as a Black, queer man is purposeful to so many. ”

Jarvis Sam The Rainbow Disruption, Founder/CEO