Program Content

During this four-week online course led by Professor Mike Grandinetti, Adjunct Professor at Brown’s School of Engineering, you and your peers will learn best practices in innovation that will help you and your company gain a competitive advantage. 
You will be immersed in a highly-interactive learning environment featuring cutting-edge case studies, lectures and discussions around topics pulled straight from the headlines. 

What You'll Learn

Through engaging discussions, cutting-edge case studies, and peer-to-peer interaction, this program will equip you with:

  • A knowledge of top trends in the innovation space, including the challenges and opportunities of using ChatGPT and similar tools in the workplace
  • An understanding of how to cultivate the conditions for creativity and continuous improvement in your team and organization by establishing a culture of experimentation and tolerance for failure
  • The ability to activate your creative thinking and capabilities to go from 'blank page' to insight

Program Topics

Learning from Historical Innovation and Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Future-proof yourself and your organization by learning about historic pinnacle innovations and organizations that failed to innovate in time
  • Build an entrepreneurial mindset to take advantage of the increasingly accelerated disruption in your industry

Cultivating a Creative Culture

  • Cultivate the conditions for creativity in your team and organization, even when geographically dispersed
  • Systematize and normalize innovation

Using ChatGPT in Your Organization

  • Optimize workstreams by taking advantage of ChatGPT as a profoundly innovative tool that augments human productivity, creativity and job satisfaction
  • Gain knowledge of the most impactful uses of ChatGPT in your organization for brainstorming new ideas, generating creativity, and supporting specific functions including marketing, sales, customer service, and product design

Activating Creativity to Future-Proof Your Organization and Team

  • Activate creative thinking and capabilities to go from 'blank page' to insight
  • Utilize Hackathons as one tangible method to unleash creative thinking in yourself and your teams

“ I would not only highly recommend the class, but I would say that this curriculum is essential for anyone who wants to know what it takes to stay relevant in the coming years. ”

Paul Sullivan Director, Business Planning and Analysis, Novartis