A new(ish) initiative for MBSR teachers to gather for facilitated dialogue on specific topics, welcoming certified MBSR teachers and any teacher or trainees who have successfully completed the TAI or equivalent.

Reflecting the powerful environment of the MBSR classroom, the aim of these gatherings is to welcome ourselves and each other in the same way we welcome participants: to whatever is here, with friendliness and interest. In our teaching, this is the space we endeavor to create for the class, and what a gift to gather together to offer the same to ourselves and each other. 

The symposium sessions offer both new and seasoned MBSR teachers this kind of welcome: to convene for practice, connection and community. Each two-hour session is a stand-alone offering and will be facilitated by two Brown trainers who will prepare some prompts and threads to spark the exploration. The intention and hope is that together, we will discover what is wanting to be known, both individually and collectively, as teachers–and as human beings.

With time for practice, reflection and small and large group dialogue, we will focus on the topics listed in each session description. We hope to include ways this dialogue might support us as teachers and practitioners: Ongoing exploration, open questions, and possible action steps.

This first-level training offers background and rationale of the MBI:TAC domains, and explores its use as a self-reflective, strength-based tool to support a teacher's personal development, self-knowledge, and skill enhancement. In addition, this training introduces many of the issues and practices of using the instrument for self and peer feedback, mentoring and supervision.

Participants will have weekly assignments to watch video teaching clips, reflect, and assess teaching; along with opportunities to connect with classmates for reflection and self-study of one’s own teaching. Time commitment between sessions: 1-1.5 hours. Prior reading list is available before the class begins, and shorter readings may be assigned week to week.

This workshop is designed to give you confidence and skill in teaching the yoga practice elements of MBSR. 

This program will be helpful for:

- MBSR teachers without specific training to teach yoga; 

- Yoga and MBSR teachers seeking to ensure appropriate delivery of yoga practice during MBSR classes 


This Live-Online Workshop is for ALL Mindfulness-Based Program Teachers who have taught a minimum of three (3) courses in-person.  

This course trains Mindfulness Based Program teachers to offer an 8-week MBP course live online, with skill, ease and interactivity. 

Our approach highlights how to translate your skills as an MB teacher into the live-online environment, demonstrating how to maintain essential teaching elements such as embodiment, relationality and adherence to the MB curriculum and ethos - in short, the competency domains of the Mindfulness Based Intervention Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC).

During the training, we will travel together through the 8-sessions of an MBSR course, clarifying both the technological and pedagogical components needed to successfully convey MBSR live-online.

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