Barbara Tannenbaum

Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Brown University


Barbara Tannenbaum, Ph.D. is Distinguished Senior Lecturer at Brown University and CEO of Dynamic Communication, a global communications consultancy. Dr. Tannenbaum has received numerous academic, teaching and business awards, including Brown University Senior Citation, the Barrett Hazeltine Citation, the John Rowe Workman Award for Excellence in the Humanities, the Harriett Sheridan Teaching Award and the Society Organized Against Racism Lifetime Achievement Award.  Her research interests include gender and power in communications.

In addition to her faculty appointment at Brown, Dr. Tannenbaum is founder and CEO of Dynamic Communication, the global communications training and coaching consultancy. Dynamic Communication programs have been delivered on six continents, to clients including the International Monetary Fund, Microsoft, Google, Reliance, BuzzFeed, Pfizer, Chanel U.S.A.I.D. and The Council of Chief Judges. She advises individual leaders in technology, finance and politics.