Student Engagement

Programs & Events

There's more to master's student life than what happens in the classroom. Student Affairs in the School of Professional Studies organizes events throughout the year designed to help you build a community, develop your skills, and have some fun.

Distinctive Opportunities

Graduate Leadership and Development Training (GLAD)

GLAD is an annual training offered in collaboration with the Student Activities Office (SAO), the Campus Life Graduate Student Engagement Initiative (GSE), and the School of Professional Studies (SPS) aimed at advancing the development of personal, socio-cultural, intellectual, and leadership skills of graduate and medical students.At GLAD, graduate and medical students engage in training on community building and event planning, communications, cross-disciplinary collaboration, professional development, and personal reflection, as well as cross-cultural dialogues, and discussions on how their role as a student leader helps to advance diversity, inclusion, and social equity at Brown.

Registration for the Fall 2024 GLAD training will open in Summer 2024.

RISD-Brown Public & Social Practice Group

RISD-Brown Public & Social Practice Group: An affinity group open to all graduate students at RISD & Brown who work across disciplines on issues of public, social, and community impact. Join us to connect with students across programs, hear from speakers and practitioners in the public and social impact space, and to engage in skill building workshops while expanding your academic and professional networks. 

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Graduate Outdoor Leadership Program

This group is focused on building inclusive and interdisciplinary communities for graduate students using outdoor activities, peer facilitation, and experiential learning. Through engaging in outdoor activities, students can escape the stresses of academic life, connect with nature, and enhance their physical and mental well-being. This program also offers inclusive opportunities for students with no prior outdoor experience, providing them with the necessary outdoor skills, gears and peer support to explore and enjoy outdoor activities.

Registration for participation in outdoor experiential learning activities will open in Spring 2024.

Community & Involvement

Are you a first-generation college student now obtaining a master’s degree? First-generation graduate students are invited to participate in monthly First Gen Meet-ups at the School of Professional Studies. Meet other first-gen students, build community, and get to know the staff and resources available to help you thrive. 

  • How do I know if I am First-Gen? 
    • While the term "first-generation college student" is defined as a student whose parents did not complete a four-year college education, at Brown we encourage students to think of the term more broadly. We welcome any student who self-identifies as having minimal prior exposure to or knowledge of experiences like those at Brown. This may mean that you are the first to receive an undergraduate or graduate degree in your family, the first to receive a degree from an institution in the United States, the first in many generations to complete a degree program
    • We include anyone who identifies as first-generation based either on their family’s level of educational attainment or any student with limited exposure to or knowledge about attending college at the graduate level

The Division of Campus Life supports all students (undergraduate, graduate, and medical school) and in some cases faculty and staff. We focus on the following strategic priorities: building inclusive community, health and wellbeing, and operational excellence. Staff provide developmental advising and mentoring helping students identify and understand their resources and options, empowering them to make more informed choices, facilitating opportunities to find a sense of belonging and to build relationships across differences, and in the process fostering leadership and life skills so that they can thrive intellectually and personally at Brown and beyond. A strong commitment to equity and inclusion is embedded in all our efforts.

Students can connect with our identity centers here.

Discover the inclusive community of Graduate Student Council (GSC) recognized organizations at Brown, all encompassing a broad range of diverse interests and activities, graduate students can expand their participation in life at Brown. Looking to learn more about planning or registering a student event? Check out the Student Activities Office’s Intro to Grad Activities & Event Planning 101 Guide.

Balancing your life as a scholar and as a parent in graduate school may get challenging. Brown University is committed to supporting master's students with children and strives to provide resources and support necessary to help parents thrive in their time at Brown.


Advocating for the collective liberation of people who identify as disabled at Brown University and beyond. Learn more.

Supporting student groups and programs, the Student Activities Office offers individualized advising, leadership development and community building to create an inclusive campus environment. 

Volunteerism & Engagement

The Swearer Center works to connect the resources of Brown University to community-based entities to advance work focused on social justice and the public good. To get involved with a local organization, search and apply through BrownEngage, Brown's community engagement opportunity database.