Are You Prepared for 2019’s Most Pressing Business Trends? Take our Quiz to Find Out.

Welcome to the new year! We’re kicking it off with a quiz inspired by Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at Brown University, and an award-winning foreign correspondent. In his recent Boston Globe oped, Kinzer asked, what will shake the “topsy-turvy” world of geopolitics in 2019?

We’re posing this question to you, with a slight twist: What will shake the topsy-turvy world of business in 2019?  

Will it be AI, cybersecurity, hashtag movements, global tensions, or changing healthcare, energy, workplace, or environmental regulations? How will you position your company and career to thrive in the challenges and opportunities that these disruptive forces might unleash?

To gauge how ready you really are for the coming year, take our quiz. Which headline do you think will most rock the business world in 2019?

A. Cyber election hacking threat looms large; Constitutional scholars debate postponing 2020 election.

B. Obamacare Plans Turn a Profit: More insurance companies enter more states, despite political mayhem

C. Apple’s new Austin campus spurs traffic, taxes, and tech conversations leaders are unprepared to answer

D. Ford accelerates commitment to electrification in response to new UN report on climate change

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