In the Spotlight: Cyber Division Chief, Washington Air National Guard, Adam DiPetrillo, EMCS ’19

Adam DiPetrillo, EMCS ’19

In its Fall kickoff edition, the Graduate School Magazine highlighted Chief of the Cyber Division, 252d Cyber Operations Group, Washington Air National Guard, Adam DiPetrillo as a member of the Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) Class of 2019. This article reflected the Graduate School’s commitment to cultivating engagement between students across the University’s cutting-edge research programs.

Currently stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, south of Seattle. DiPetrillo has 16 years of experience providing technical-focused IT services and cyber defense for the U.S. Army and Air Force. Asked about the EMCS in this article, he responded,

EMCS has been quite challenging, yet incredibly rewarding! The interaction between students in a collaborative learning environment enables us to draw upon our personal and professional experiences to enhance our learning. We have great faculty that provide a challenging environment, thought-provoking assignments, and expert opinion to stimulate learning.

Each course includes a module where students assume a role in a major court case or policy development. The faculty know our backgrounds and intentionally assign us roles where we have limited experience, allowing us to see the intricacies of a case from a new perspective. I have really enjoyed learning through these debates as they have provided a vivacious hands-on approach to policy-based problems.

It is the interaction of the cohort where knowledge translation really occurs. The bond that we’ve developed as a cohort is immeasurable – we even have a spirit animal, the ‘Wolfpack,’ that rallies our esprit de corps. The relationships that I have developed through this program will be life-long and help me succeed in any cybersecurity management role.

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