Russian Hackers Successfully Phished Hundreds of U.S. Companies Last Year, Linn Freedman

Linn Freedman

In her latest post on Data Privacy + Security Insider, Robinson+Cole Partner and Brown University Executive Master faculty member Linn Freedman writes that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated that Russian hackers successfully attacked the energy, nuclear, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors through targeted phishing campaigns throughout 2017.

According to DHS, the coordinated attacks started in 2016 with one compromise that was dormant for a year until other infiltrations occurred. The hackers targeted real people by downloading open-source information such as photographs on company websites and other publicly available information, and then tricked employees into entering passwords on spoofed websites. The hackers then were able to use the passwords to access and compromise corporate systems. Vendors of these sectors were also successfully targeted.

Find out how human factors were central to these attacks by reading the rest of Freedman’s post here.

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