NIST/NICE: Reskilling Employees for Cybersecurity, Paul Eriksen EMCS ’18

Paul Eriksen, EMCS ’18

We’re proud to announce that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)/ National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) recently published an article written by Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) 2018 Paul Eriksen titled, Using “Skills Pivot” to Reskill Employees for Future Success. A lead external headhunter at AT&T, Eriksen discusses the AT&T Skills Pivot program that empowers AT&T employees to pursue competency-based programs to advance their careers. He explains how this Skills Pivot program helps to address the need for cybersecurity talent.

He generously shared his thoughts with us about this publishing achievement as his May graduation approaches.

“Back in the Fall of 2016 when the inaugural cohort for the Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity was formed, I was arguably the least likely member to have anything published by anyone. In my profession, I do very little writing. Rather, I make a living by reading, asking questions, listening & talking.

To be published by NIST/NICE, an organization I hold in the highest esteem, was a tremendous honor. Frequently I am asked by individuals seeking to learn more about Cybersecurity, ‘where can I go to get more information?’ I point them to NIST/NICE. To have the opportunity to write something that they, in turn, would publish is very meaningful for me.

Brown and AT&T were both critical in this achievement. I am incredibly passionate about the topic of my Brown University EMCS Critical Challenge Project, ‘The answer to the Cybersecurity skills gap is hiding in plain sight,’ (spoiler alert: the answer is women).”

EMCS Class of 2018

“By fostering an atmosphere of countless learning, diversity, and inclusion, AT&T gave me an opportunity to engage in this area. I am grateful to everyone at Brown University not only for the education I’ve received but the many doors they continue to help open.

I am looking forward to next month’s 250th commencement weekend where I will walk through the historic Van Wickle gates for a second and final time.

At the convocation ceremony, I first walked through these gates with the inaugural EMCS cohort. The symbolism of the gates opening outward during the Brown graduation ceremony with this same cohort – now both friends and colleagues – is meaningful to me in a monumental way.”

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You can read “Using “Skills Pivot” to Reskill Employees for Future Success,” here.

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