Capitol Hill Forum, Security Smart Grid Data, Professor Hurley

Brown University Executive Master Professor Deborah Hurley was invited to speak at a Capitol Hill Forum, Securing Smart Grid Data.   

For Hurley, a starting point for cybersecurity is addressing privacy with a view toward the future which, in the case of the national energy economy, is a disintermediated and decentralized one.  In the course of her speech, she called on the industry to be attentive to a number of privacy issues, including:

  1. Vulnerabilities stemming from legacy systems and supply chains
  2. Ownership of data
  3. An understanding of the value of consumer’s data
  4. Developing solutions proportionate to the problem
  5. Supreme Court Justice’s inclination to rule in favor of privacy

She concluded by calling for the adoption of national general legislation to protect personal privacy.

Understanding privacy issues in a hyper-digitized economy is one of many examples of how today’s business leaders must expand beyond their silos to guide companies in today’s global, complex and rapidly evolving markets.  Leveraging Brown University’s 250 years of interdisciplinary excellence, we designed our Executive Master programs to prepare professionals to lead businesses in these unchartered waters to create a more prosperous, safe and equitable world.

We invite you to view Hurley’s 10-minute talk.

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