Thank You Society of Women Engineers

We want to thank the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for the excellent opportunity to speak to their members about engineering leadership. We thoroughly enjoyed engaging with this cutting-edge community about the needs of high caliber professionals in technology fields that want to advance their careers to a new level.

We invite you to join this conversation by visiting SWE’s blog and reading EMSTL Program Director Sandra Smith’s article, Surprising Truths behind Engineering Leadership. In this article, Smith shares research she conducted with executives at leading companies about the need to bridge the gap between technical and leadership skills.  

Informed by this research, Brown designed the EMSTL program to meet industry’s need for technical professionals with leadership-level big picture thinking, people skills and communication capacity to drive innovation.  SWE  also posted a podcast and sponsored a TweetChat with Sandra on this subject.

We look forward to future discussions with SWE and their members about engineering leadership.

Click here for a view of the Tweet Chat Conversation

Click here to listen to the SWE Podcast.


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