Welcome Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity Class of 2019

We are proud to welcome the Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) Class of 2019 . This cohort will strive to address the need for global strategic leadership that spans cybersecurity’s technical, human and policy challenges. The EMCS Class of 2019 begins their 16-month journey on the heels of the massive Equifax data breach, one of the largest electronic data compromises in U.S. history. The fallout of cyberattacks has never loomed larger, and the need for these leaders never so crucial.

Beginning with the traditional SPS Convocation on Sunday, October 1, 2017, these 29 experienced cyber professionals will embark on their program towards graduation in May 2019. The class will be drawing on their wide range of industry experiences in consulting, financial services, government, healthcare, military, IT, insurance, law, manufacturing, education, and publishing. They are coming from 15 US states and also, for the first time for EMCS, from two foreign countries: Israel and Japan.

We are very pleased to have attracted women and members of historically underrepresented groups in numbers exceeding the national averages for such representation in cybersecurity occupations. Beyond the professional and academic qualifications needed for admission, you’ll find a student who is an award-winning bagpiper, another who is an author and frequent speaker on work-life balance, a 9-year veteran forward for a professional NHL team, and an accomplished jazz pianist.  This will be another outstanding EMCS cohort ready to take on the demanding curriculum and tackle the latest challenges industry, and we as individuals, face with cyber risk.

Helping to welcome the EMCS Class of 2019 as they walked through the Van Wickle Gates was the first EMCS cohort, the Class of 2018, who will be having their fourth residential week concurrently. In addition to their two final courses in the program, The Future of Cybersecurity Technology and Policy and Advanced Topics in Computer Security, the “upperclassmen” will join the “underclassman” in several academic and social events during the week:

  • Sunday Convocation keynote and discussion with Professor Anna Lysyanskaya, “Authorized but Anonymous: Taking Charge of Your Personal Data”
  • Book launch event for Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance and the Struggle to Reform the NSA featuring author and EMCS faculty member Tim Edgar
  • Talk by Advisory Committee member Stewart Baker, “What’s Next for Attribution?”

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