Summer Reading: 15 books to inspire business leadership

Headed to the beach? Looking for a good book to take with you?  In her latest CIO blog post, Sandra Smith, program director, Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) shares her top book picks for lazy summer days.

She culled these books from The Economist, Fortune, The New York Times, Washington Post and conferences she attended with science and technology executives.  Her criteria for the perfect summer read?

“I’m partial to readable, memorable books filled with lessons about technology, business and leadership. Like a vacation, great books give me new perspectives on what I’m doing and what I want to be doing.”

Have a look, we think you’ll find some good reads. Then let’s talk about them.

To read the rest of the article go here.

Sandra explores business and leadership issues for professionals in STEM fields in her  Building the Leaders of Tomorrow CIO blog series. What topics would you like to hear discussed? Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

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