Back to Reality – Applying IE Brown Curriculum after First Session in Spain

Konstantine Zuckerman, IE Brown Class of 2018 and CEO of Torops, an international cybersecurity and software development company, offered to share his thoughts with us as he progresses through his IE Brown Executive MBA journey. Having returned home to New York City from the IE Brown Madrid Spain residential session, he reflected on how he’s already applying the curriculum to his business, juggling a busy life with the program’s heavy workload, as well as connecting with cohort members for a beer in the Big Apple.

A program designed for working anywhere and anytime:

“After arriving back home to New York City (and coincidentally taking the same flight as my classmate Steve), I knew it was time for reality to sink in. To me, this meant figuring out the best way to integrate my new curriculum and workload into my existing daily life. As the owner and CEO of my own business, I am used to working on the fly in libraries, study rooms, offices, and at home. I’ve easily integrated IE Brown into my anywhere and anytime work habits because the program does an outstanding job at providing the tools and resources necessary to obtain an MBA in conjunction with existing careers.

Fueling his business from day one with lessons learned:

The material we are learning is so fascinating and relevant to my career that from day one, I felt a difference in the way I ran my business. I’ve gained a much deeper and more sophisticated understanding of financial accounting concepts like corporate taxation, equity, stock options, and debt. I use this knowledge on a day-to-day basis in my business. Before IE Brown, I relied on accountants and attorneys – at considerable expense – to help me with my taxes and equity agreements. Now, I can confidently speak their language and read financial statements without hesitation.

The class, Leading Teams and Organizations, has also already sharpened my management skills. As the leader of my company, I have to manage my employees and partners to maximize their potential to clients. By gaining an understanding of psychology and different types of leaders, I’m better able to address issues with my managers or executives because I can see the world more clearly from their eyes and connect with their needs.”

Despite a hectic schedule of work and IE Brown, Konstantine has found time to meet with the handful of students who are also living in New York City. Attached is a photo of him and his classmate/team member Stephen Silhan — a Brown undergrad, now on the next phase of his career with the IE Brown Executive MBA — when we met up for a beer in New York City.

“It’s wonderful to be able to meet so many new people during our residence periods and I enjoy growing these relationships on and offline.”

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