Executive Student Dr. Lwabanya Marx Wins Award for Professional Excellence

We’re proud to announce that Executive Master student, Dr. Lwabanya Marx, won the 2017 Brown University Graduate School Master’s Award for Professional Excellence.  A member of the Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) Class of 2017, Dr. Marx earned this distinction for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of maternal and neonatal care in developing countries.

A former refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dr. Marx is a family physician in a local clinic in Burundi, a country with the fifth highest neonatal mortality rate in the world. He focused his EMHL Critical Challenge Project (CCP), a capstone requirement for Brown Executive Master students, on his work to reduce the neonatal mortality rate for the 2,500 newborns that his clinic delivers each year.

“In the short 16 months spent in the EMHL program, Dr. Marx demonstrated unique insight, creativity, and dedication in developing a practical, tangible, immediately applicable solution to this compelling problem,” said Dr. Peter Hollmann, Brown EMHL Academic Director and Brown Department of Family Medicine Assistant Clinical Professor.

Dr. Marx focused his CCP on the development of a neonatal center for his clinic and a training program for nurses on managing premature births.  He leveraged the global popularity of the Facebook platform to expand the availability and accessibility of the training program to practitioners across the world.  He also developed a peer mentoring program for at-risk mothers.

Further exemplifying his innovative excellence and driving sense of mission, Dr. Marx secured a commitment from a Boston-based company to provide its low-cost incubators that run off car batteries to his clinic to test their value in regions that lack consistently available electricity.

Describing the challenging conditions in which Dr. Marx works in Burundi, fellow EMHL 2017 classmate and president & CEO of Apex Therapeutic Services, Dr. Jonathan Mawere shared,

“Instead of finding better opportunities elsewhere in the world, post-medical school, Dr. Marx chose to help the underprivileged around him. He does all this noble work in a war torn country where the sound of gunfire is common and his mode of transportation to the clinics is often as a passenger on a motorcycle taxi.”

Commenting on Dr. Marx’s contribution to the Brown community, Dr. Hollmann said,

“Dr. Marx exemplifies professional excellence, humility and dedication, and is an outstanding representative of Brown’s mission to inspire in its students a commitment to making a difference in the world.”

Dr. Marx earned a degree in General Medicine at the Universite Officielle de Bukavu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is implementing his EMHL Critical Challenge Project as a practicing physician at the Van Norman Clinic at Hope Africa University in Bujumbura, Burundi. Dr. Marx’ neonatal initiative is supported by the Friends of Hope Africa University.

The Brown University Graduate School Master’s Award recognizes outstanding contributions by a Brown University Master’s student who influences or contributes to the field or profession. Previous Brown Executive Master winners of this award include Christopher Godfrey, EMHL 2015.


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