IT Leadership Roles Reflect Changes on Campus

According to EdTech, technology experts are increasingly finding themselves in C-suite positions in colleges and universities. The forces behind this increased need for IT leadership stem from the growing role of technology in nearly every aspect of academia from concerns about data security to emerging capabilities in analytics.

EdTech points to Brown’s Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) program as filling a critical professional educational experience to prepare technologists to expand their technical intelligence to influence stakeholders across disciplines and strategically lead complex organizations.

“A new executive master’s degree in cybersecurity, launched at Brown University this past fall, exemplifies this shift. Designed to develop well-rounded expertise, the program emphasizes not only technical skills, law and policy, but also leadership skills and human behavior. Indeed, one of the program’s goals is to equip graduates to interact effectively with boards of directors about both security and business goals…”


“…From a career perspective, possessing technical expertise and management skills may no longer be enough. Today’s senior IT leaders would do well, as Brown University’s new program and others like it suggest, to hone their ability to present, persuade, negotiate and otherwise navigate planning conversations at the highest levels. That sounds like a tall order, but it boils down to something that IT leaders already do every day: advocate for technology and all of the ways in which it can enhance the campus experience.”

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