EMHL 2015 Meryl Moss – Winner of 2017 PBN C-suite Award for Achievement as Coastal Medical COO

Congratulations to Chief Operating Officer (COO) Meryl Moss for winning a Providence Business News C-Suite Award in the COO category. Moss is a key leader in the growth and success of Coastal Medical, one of the premier Accountable Care Organizations in the country. With a clear vision and a highly collaborative leadership style, Moss transformed the culture of Coastal by maximizing the contributions of its staff and engaging patients in developing services that meet their needs.

According to PBN,

“Moss constantly pursues excellence and quality improvement at Coastal and in her own career. She led Coastal in the development of innovative new services and achieved a quality performance score of 100% on the Medicare Care Shared Savings Program. With her guidance, Coastal experienced growth in the professional staff, patient population, and revenue while creating an outstanding work environment and high patient satisfaction.”

Not content with her achievements, Moss completed the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program at Brown University in 2015 and continues to bring fresh ideas into the organization.

In an earlier PBN interview, Moss credits EMHL with giving her the tools to realize the board’s goal to move Coastal to population health management.

“Brown’s focus on leading change in organizations provided (Coastal) with new ways to think about how to manage that change. I shared relevant class readings with multiple members of Coastal’s team and we developed our own mutual understanding of how to proceed. The Brown work helped inform us all.”


Commenting on Moss’s impact, CEO and President at Coastal Medical Dr. Alan Kurose said,

“Meryl is a unique leader because she’s a business leader, but she puts the interests of patients first. She leads with values. We know the work will never really be done but we follow the process of constantly monitoring, examining, refining and improving. We are committed to what we do.”

With over 25 years of healthcare experience, Moss began her tenure at Coastal in 2000 and received the promotion to COO in 2009. She recently published as a contributing author in Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation: Management for Professionals, edited by Jim Austin, Judith Bentkover and Laurence Chait.

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