Susan Fowler Post: Thoughtful Commentary from Brown Alum and Uber Employee, Aimee Lucido


Brown alum and Uber software engineer, Aimee Lucido, recently published an insightful post on Susan Fowler’s story of sexual harassment at Uber, or as Lucido refers to such experiences, “the inconvenient truth of the tech industry.”

“As you’re sitting there,” Lucido writes in Reflecting on Susan Fowler’s Reflections, “reading this post, thanking your lucky stars that your company isn’t like (Uber), remember that the contents of Susan’s post were surprising specifically because Uber employees didn’t think that it was a problem.”

Lucido provides a sobering perspective on the need for all of us to be aware of the unconscious biases that infect our daily working lives. “On some level, we realize sexism exists. We realize racism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc etc etc exists, but until it hits in our backyard, it’s hard to internalize it.”

In Brown’s Executive Masters programs, we make no claim to having solved these systemic problems but we are committed to cultivating business leadership that embraces diversity and inclusion. In addition to implementing Brown’s rigorous Diversity and Inclusion Plan at an operational level at the School of Professional Studies, we build diversity and inclusion into the bedrock of our leadership curriculum; we value diverse cohorts and faculties; we acknowledge and seek to address the power imbalances that result; and we challenge students to listen and see past their own assumptions and help us see past our’s.

We take pride in our professional students’ cutting edge work to create a more equitable society – solutions that address disparities in healthcare, a diversity and inclusion plan for a Fortune 500 company, cutting-edge business plans for NGOs dedicated to giving voice to hidden figures… We appreciate the probing questions that these students bring to Brown’s Executive Master cohorts that span multiple industries and professions. They train our brains to think more deeply and muster the intensity needed to break through barriers in today’s digital, global and complex markets.

We are committed to cultivating this type of applied critical thinking and deliberative capacity in today’s business leaders because, number one, it’s the right thing to do, and number two, it opens the door to new ways of seeing the world, achieving breakthrough ideas, and simultaneously advancing industry and society forward.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Aimee Lucido graduated with honors from Brown University in 2013 with a double major in computer science and literary arts. She is currently a software engineer at Uber.

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