Let's Talk Climate Solutions

A Lessons in Leadership webinar series examining the topic of our changing climate.

The School of Professional Studies is proud to present, Let's Talk Climate Solutions, a Lessons in Leadership webinar series facilitated by Stephen Porder PhD, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Associate Provost for Sustainability at Brown University.

We invite you to join the conversation.

The impacts of climate change are felt by all countries across the world. As problems emerge, so do solutions. This three-part webinar series, led by Professor Stephen Porder will anchor an ongoing discussion on the causes of, and solutions to, what has become the greatest challenge of our time.

The first videos will cover the science of climate change. Those will be followed by a series on how to eliminate emissions from electricity production and another on the ways in which policy, economics and equity inform approaches to ending deforestation, and the role carbon offsets may play in that process.

The video content will serve as the springboard for discussion in a series of live online events where Professor Porder will talk with participants about their questions, ideas and the path to a more climate-safe future.

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