Ending Deforestation

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Let's Talk Climate Solutions Part 3: Ending Deforestation

How does deforestation impact climate change?  What policies and practices can be put in place to slow and end deforestation? 

Part III of Let's Talk Climate Solutions explores how economists think about environmental problems, design policy, and evaluate the costs and benefits of different policy outcomes. It also explores aspects of equity and justice when such policies are put into place. Drawing largely from the experiences of several scholars who work in the Amazon, this module brings multiple perspectives to the vexing problem of ending deforestation, and explores the mix of policies being considered to address this rapid transformation of the Earth's surface.   

The videos feature Professor Stephen Porder (Brown University), Jill Caviglia-Harris (Salisbury University) and Tracey Osborne (UC MERCED).

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We encourage you to watch these videos at 1.25x speed and leave any questions you want to ask Dr. Porder and the group in the YouTube comments section.

Watch: Causes and Solutions: A Panel Discussion

Dr. Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University
Clarissa Gandour (Climate Policy Initiative)
Katrina Mullen (U Montana)
Erin Sills (NC State)


Watch: Carbon Offset: A Panel Discussion

Dr. Tracey Osborne (US Merced)
Dr. Barbar Haya (UC Berkeley)
Dr. Elizabeth Shapiro-Garz (Duke University)
Jerry Toth (Third Millennium Alliance)