Address real-time challenges with applied learning that draws upon your interests and experience.

Capstone: Critical Challenge Project

The Critical Challenge Project (CCP) is central to the ScM in Technology Leadership learning experience and will become the focus of your independent study. You will identify a critical challenge related to your field and interests, drawing from your own experience and vision for the future. Under the direction of a faculty member, students analyze their critical challenge from multiple perspectives and develop a comprehensive plan for addressing it.

You'll address real-time challenges and apply the knowledge and skills you learn throughout the program — with particular emphasis on integrating technology, policy, and human factor aspects. Your CCP should consider ethical implications and have practical applicability to the field of technology — taking into account multiple stakeholders, such as customers, developers, policymakers, and government and industry executives as you develop innovative, transformative and viable solutions.

The CCP often delivers high-impact results. Some examples of project deliverables and outcomes include:

  • New product(s) deployed
  • Patent applications
  • Tech innovation with potential for market disruption
  • Prototype or proof of concept completed during program
  • Management decision-making tool or process enhancement

Upon completion of the Critical Challenge Project, students should be able to:

  • Tackle a technology problem facing their industry
  • Position yourself for leadership in their industry
  • Build a network of advisors for their long term career aspirations

Recent Capstone Projects

Sample Project Titles:

  • Decision Analysis (DA) for Optimizing Value of Complex Systems
  • Expanding Markets and Improving Software Security Through Openness
  • Centralize Design and IP Release System for Company X Custom Foundry
  • Designing a Personalized Integrated Digital Health Platform to Increase Better Health Care Outcomes for Employees
  • Digital Online Underwriting Guide
  • Artificial Intelligence & Prescriptive Maintenance - Beyond Predictive to AI Network Governance

The Critical Challenge Project


Classroom excellence, real-word application