Capstone: Critical Challenge Project

The Critical Challenge Project (CCP) is a capstone course spanning your fall semester, during which you’ll identify a real-time business, social, organizational or sector-level problem, then formulate a strategic response.

Guided by faculty and advisors, you’ll analyze the challenge from multiple perspectives and develop a comprehensive plan for addressing it that integrates technology, policy, strategy and communications.

Upon completion of the CCP, you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate how business fundamentals can be combined with personal leadership skills to advance a solution to the challenge project
  • Develop a solution to the challenge that is adaptable to changing market needs, technological advances and increased global competition
  • Articulate the rationale, value and importance of the project in ways that are meaningful to senior leaders in your organization
  • Successfully lead, inspire, and communicate with diverse, cross-functional teams and stakeholders in order to advance solutions

The CCP often delivers high-impact results. Some examples of project deliverables and outcomes include:

  • New product(s) deployed
  • Patent applications
  • Tech innovation with potential for market disruption
  • Prototype or proof of concept completed during program
  • Management decision-making tool or process enhancement

Why is it valuable to employers?

  1. Alignment with Important Strategic Issues - Employers gain the benefit of dedicated employee effort on issues of key strategic importance to the organization's success. Advisors to the CP can be Brown Faculty or  expert co-advisors that can  come from the student's organization or elsewhere in the industry. We recognize the sensitive nature of student work and contributions to their company. We work with students and faculty to preserve confidentiality as needed.
  2. Employee Development - Used effectively, employers can leverage the CP to develop individual talent in the organization. Students gain the skills, tools, and knowledge to grow their career and contribution to their organization.
  3. Access to Brown University Resources and Leadership - Students have access to a powerful network of resources including faculty, advisors, academic/library resources, and peers across industries to broaden and strengthen their solutions/action plans.
  4. Results - Students create fully developed actionable plans, addressing real-time industry and organization challenges.

Recent Capstone Projects

The Critical Challenge Project


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