Elise Axelrad

Principal Analyst, Innovative Decisions, Inc.


Dr. Elise Axelrad is a Principal Analyst at Innovative Decisions, Incorporated. She received a Ph.D. in Psychology from Duke University, with a focus on Judgment and Decision Making. She has 15 years of experience in modeling in the area of judgment and decision making, leading projects in adversarial modeling for insider threat, integrating personality and situation in models of radical leader and group decision, and supporting related projects. Past work includes a collaboration with the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in the development of the MERIT model of insider sabotage, work with Xerox PARC on DARPA’s Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales (ADAMS) program to develop and validate a Bayesian network incorporating psychological variables to assess insider threat, and a Bayesian network and system dynamics hybrid model documented in the special issue on insider threat in the journal Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory. Elise participated in IARPA’s Scientific advances to Continuous Insider Threat Evaluation (SCITE) program.