Bradley Lloyd '21

Senior Vice President, Citigroup
Tampa, Florida


Why did you choose the Executive Master in Cybersecurity?
What I found to have been unique to Brown SPS was the fact that the school intentionally focusses on just a handful of professional degree programs. This allows for the school to invest heavily in faculty and resources with the right experience and backgrounds to ensure students seeking an education in these fields can obtain the best knowledge possible.

What makes Brown's program different from other programs you considered?
As a career professional, I needed a program that would allow me to immerse myself in Cybersecurity education while also providing the time for me to address my day-to-day responsibilities at work. Brown’s program is well structured, with online learning components combined with several in-person residential sessions in Providence and Washington D.C. Such a format provides the flexibility required for a mid-career professional. Naturally, the fact that the Brown program was highly reputable helped a great deal.

What do you enjoy most about your program?
My cohort. Via this program, I am paired with some of the brightest minds currently working in a variety of Cybersecurity related focusses. I have the opportunity to not only learn from Brown faculty but my peers as well. Their hands-on experience truly helps in furthering my learning. Knowing they will be in my network after we graduate is a definite plus.

What is your primary academic area of interest?
As I work for a global bank and have responsibilities in a variety of countries across the globe, I focus on the global application of anything I learn. My undergraduate studies were in International Business & Finance, and I completed my MBA at a global business school with coursework in Beijing and Johannesburg. I am very much interested in learning about Cybersecurity and finding ways to leverage my learnings in a global setting.

What are your postgraduate goals?
My plans are twofold. At present, I work in a program delivery organization in a compliance function at my firm. My first goal is to transition from my role in compliance into a Cybersecurity related role at the bank. With my experience in financial services over the last decade, I am confident in being able to couple what I have done with my learnings at Brown and transition into the right position. Secondly, Brown requires each student to complete a Critical Challenge Project (CCP). My CCP is to start a small business, tasked with helping not-for-profit companies with improving their Cybersecurity awareness and options to mitigate risk. I am fully confident that I will get it off the ground well enough to help companies in my community.

What do you like most about Providence?
I find Providence to be a beautiful and quaint little city with big-city character. Providence offers excellent dining options, nightlife, and there are several excellent schools in the vicinity thus plenty of other students and professionals to connect with. Best of all, Providence walkable and quite safe. I love the city and have even considered moving there.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
Talk to other students who have completed the program; Brown will do everything possible to ensure you have the best information possible to make an informed decision. Visit the campus as well if you are able. While Brown SPS provides ample support for prospective applicants remotely, visiting campus and exploring the entirety of what the university has to offer would be ideal. If you happen to be in town, visit the bookstore as well! Also, make sure you are ready for the program. The cadence of work hits pretty quickly once the program starts, preparation, pace, and commitment will be required to be successful.