Admissions and Financial Aid

We seek dynamic, motivated and creative candidates and consider how each applicant will contribute to — and benefit from — Brown's diverse and collaborative culture. The committee takes a holistic look at each application and factors in your unique talents, accomplishments, energy, curiosity, perspective and identity. We strongly encourage you to apply and look forward to getting to know you.

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Admissions Process

Successful Candidates Will Demonstrate:

  • Professional achievements
  • Leadership potential
  • Academic excellence

Basic Admissions Criteria

  • 7+ years of professional healthcare experience in the healthcare industry including, but not limited to: healthcare delivery, drug and product manufacturing, healthcare consulting, health management systems, insurance, patient advocacy, public health, policy, and regulatory settings
  • Undergraduate degree
  • GRE/GMAT not required

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: At this time, we do not offer I-20 certificates for students in the Healthcare Leadership master's program due to the blended low-residency/online program formats. Other visa types are not supported for studying in the United States. If you do not require a visa to study in the United States, but received your degree(s) outside of the United States, we require a course-by-course credential evaluation sent directly from World Education Services (WES) to the Brown University School of Professional Studies.

Final Deadline
December 1, 2022

We strongly encourage you to submit your application before the final application deadline. All additional components like transcripts and recommendations must be received by 12/1/22.


To complete your application, submit the following via the online application system:

  • Official Transcripts
    Please submit an official transcript for all programs, both undergraduate and graduate, for which you were awarded a degree. Please note that unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to the online application, but official transcripts are required prior to the program start date. Please have all official transcripts emailed to:

  • Personal Statement
    As part of the online application you will need to prepare a personal statement that addresses why you want to pursue the Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership at Brown, what you hope to learn from the program, and how your participation will enrich the experience of others in the program (approximately 500 words).

  • Resume or CV

  • Description of Critical Challenge
    This critical challenge will become the focus of your independent study in the Critical Challenge Project course throughout the duration of the program. Describe a critical challenge related to your field and interests, drawing from your own experience and vision for the future.

    In your submission (500 – 1000 words) you should address, in four clearly marked sections:

    • The complexity and challenges of the problem in the current environment,

    • Technical, organizational, and social barriers and constraints,

    • The specific work you anticipate completing while a student at Brown that will advance solutions to the problem, and

    • Deliverables for your project besides a report, if any.

  • Letters of Recommendation
    You must give the names and contact information for three professional colleagues who will submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. One letter should come from your present or past supervisor or from a more senior executive in your organization. Please note that you only need to provide their names and email addresses to submit your application. You do not need to wait for their letters of recommendation to be submitted for you to submit your application.

    The reference will be asked:

    • For how long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? If you have experience with the applicant in an academic setting, please comment on their academic performance and potential. Finally, any relevant information you would like to share is welcome.

    • We would appreciate your opinion on the candidate’s career achievements, strengths and weaknesses, initiative, creativity, their ability to contribute in a peer-to-peer learning environment, and how the program fits with the candidate’s career aspirations.

  • For Team Applicants
    The sponsoring organization should prepare one letter that identifies all team members with their current roles and responsibilities, and the expected benefits of sending them as a team. On their individual applications, each team member should indicate that they are part of a team, and one team member should submit the letter from the sponsoring organization.

Tuition & Financial Aid

$92,000 USD

Tuition and fees for the Master's in Healthcare Leadership Class of 2024 (beginning study January 2023) are $92,000 USD. Travel and lodging for residential sessions and any required books and materials are additional.


The majority of students enrolled in this program are self-supported and/or supported in part by their employers. We encourage master's applicants to maximize funding sources:

Scholarship Consideration Graphic Scholarship Consideration

Scholarship support may be awarded to select candidates who have demonstrated financial need and who have a record of outstanding achievements and demonstrate the potential to contribute significantly to peer-to-peer learning that is valued so highly in the program.

The scholarship committee will consider scholarship applications from candidates who are admitted to the program, complete a scholarship form, and provide documentation regarding their financial circumstances.

External Funding Graphic Apply for External Funding

We encourage you to simultaneously apply for outside scholarships and pursue educational benefits at your organization.

Military applicants are encouraged to research benefits eligibility for Post-9/11 GI Bill®; Brown University School of Professional Studies is also a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Installment Payment Plan Graphic Enroll in the Installment Payment Plan Students may choose to enroll in one of our Installment Payment Plans (IPP) to pay the semester's expenses over scheduled monthly installments.
Loans Graphic Apply for Loans U.S. citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply for federal student loans using the FAFSA. Private educational loans are available domestic and international students. Learn more about loans on Financial Aid's website.

Limited scholarship support may be awarded to select candidates who demonstrate a need for financial aid and who have a record of outstanding achievements and demonstrate the potential to contribute significantly to peer-to-peer learning that is valued so highly in the program.

Please reach out to: to request the scholarship application link. Please submit your scholarship application only after you have submitted your program application. 

The scholarship committee will consider scholarship applications from candidates who are admitted to the program. If eligible, scholarships could be awarded up to 10% of program cost.  

Applicant Profile:

Our program benefits applicants from the following healthcare sectors:

Physicians historically focus on patient care, research, and teaching. While these remain constant priorities, physicians are also critical players in changing the healthcare paradigm. From evidence-based medicine and population health to better data collection, data sharing, and cost reduction, clinicians are at the center of the conversation. This program offers tools and support that allow physicians to be most effective in their evolving role.

Healthcare consultants engage with a large variety of healthcare stakeholders. This program provides unsurpassed opportunities to learn various perspectives of those striving to create value through optimizing performance in several types of organizations providing, paying for, and consuming healthcare products and services.

Data is at the center of population health management, cost reduction strategies and tracking quality outcomes. Engaging HIT professionals in a broad examination of the tools and strategies necessary to achieve the goals of health reform will strengthen their contributions to their leadership teams and improve the products and services they design.

With the focus on reducing costs, improving access and maintaining quality, the insurer community plays a key role in aligning financial incentives with the provision of quality healthcare. By engaging in conversations with other players in the healthcare system – providers, institutions and public health experts – insurers can create products and services that work for the provider community and improve healthcare delivered to members.

Healthcare institutions face a host of new regulatory requirements, creating new business partnerships and joint ventures to support integrated healthcare, as well as managing labor and equipment in a cost-sensitive environment. These are all aspects that require both legal support and expert advice on how to create effective and appropriate strategies. When healthcare attorneys better understand market dynamics, they can be creative and flexible in partnering with healthcare clients.

The life sciences community has historically operated in parallel with the healthcare provider community – creating lifesaving and health-improving therapies in partnership with clinicians and hospitals. How providers use, pay for and discuss those therapies with patients is continuously evolving. As life science companies confront a more challenging U.S. market, they will face greater pressures to sell in a global marketplace with different legal, economic and policy constraints. Better understanding this environment will assure that products and services developed by the life sciences community are well-positioned for success.

Nurses and healthcare providers have always been on the front lines of both the care team and patient relationships. Today, their portfolio is bigger than ever – managing patient care, thinking proactively about population health, leveraging data for evidence-based practice, and assuring that care is delivered in a way that meets both cost and quality goals. Understanding the larger health industry environment will position nurses and providers for leadership roles and assure that their goals for patient care remain at the forefront.

At its best, the Affordable Care Act will result in improved access, greater focus on wellness, better management of chronic health issues, and more coordinated approaches to care, and become a model approach. At the same time, patients are expected to share costs and sift through more information about choices. Through this program, patient advocates can better understand how health systems are changing and identify how to focus their resources to support and assist patients most effectively.

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, pharmacists are shifting from the role of drug dispenser to active participant in patient care. Pharmacists will continue to be involved as a critical member of the care team, helping to create proper drug regimens, lowering the cost of medication needed throughout treatment, and improving outcomes by minimizing harmful drug interaction. In this program, healthcare leaders and pharmacists can engage with one another, incorporate their expertise into every step of the diagnostic and treatment process, and improve the quality and delivery of care.

In the United States, state and federal governments are critical to the implementation of health policy goals, from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to changes in the way the Medicare and Medicaid programs operate. Elsewhere around the world, national, regional and local governments are centrally involved in the delivery and funding of healthcare services, the regulation of providers and manufacturers, and other critical areas. Government officials need to understand the range of policy options and their impact on access, quality and the cost of health services to design and implement wise and effective policies.

Effective healthcare delivery is grounded in population health management, access to coordinated care, and management of complex chronic health issues. With rapid public policy changes impacting the way providers work and patients access care, public health practitioners can play a key role in engaging with the public, business community, and providers on these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Outside of the residential sessions on campus, you should anticipate 15-20 hours of online coursework per week.

Typically 2-3 classes are taken each semester. During the online sessions, only one course is taken at a time. The blended format of our program offers our students the best of both worlds: low-residency, in-person instruction paired with online learning.

Tuition for the Class of 2024, beginning study in January 2023, is $92,000 USD, pending corporate approval. The comprehensive tuition covers the 16-month academic program and related fees. It does not include travel, lodging for the residential sessions at Brown University, or any books and materials that may be required for courses.

Our application fee is $200 and payable online.

Application fee waivers are available to Active Military and Veterans for the Master's in Healthcare Leadership program. Please contact for more information.

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available for students with financial need. If the student is eligible, the scholarship could be up to 10% of tuition.

The Master's in Healthcare Leadership program includes 8 classes plus your Critical Challenge Project.

The Healthcare Leadership program is a 36-credit program.

Your diploma will declare that you have obtained a Master of Science (ScM) in Healthcare Leadership from Brown University.

Yes, graduates can apply for 25 CME credits directly through the American Medical Association. To claim credits, applicants should apply directly to the AMA for a certificate indicating the AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM, which will be awarded upon completion of their degree.

Yes, please click on this link to schedule.