Program Content

What You’ll Learn

Coaching concepts are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness. Upon successful completion of our online program, you will:

  • Develop multi-dimensional leadership skills
  • Reframe limiting mindsets to ones connected to your values and purpose 
  • Apply coaching skills to different work contexts
  • Build your capacity to engage in more meaningful interactions 
  • Create authentic, real relationships focused on performance effectiveness
  • Empower your team, motivate them and ultimately guide them to reach their full potential while achieving results in your organization
  • Navigate through uncertainty and complexity with more ease and clarity

Proven approach: The Leader as Coach program is a highly effective way to help leaders adopt a coach approach. From our most recent program, 100% of the participants saw the application of their new skills at work.

“ The Leader as Coach program has equipped me with the skills to build more meaningful and authentic relationships with my team members. The skills were immediately applicable, within the first week or so of the program. ”

Stephanie Dalwin Research Director, Novarica

Program Topics

The program curriculum includes four main topic areas designed to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to become an effective coach-like leader.

1. Coaching Foundations 2. Coaching Skills and Values 3. Reactive to Creative 4. Application and Integration

Why Coaching + Leadership?

Coaching Skills

Achieving Results & Creating Authentic Relationships

The Coach-Like Leader In Practice

Creating Safety and Trust

The Arc and Structure of a Coach-Like Conversation

Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reactivity

Having Difficult Conversations

Different Styles of Leading (Coaching vs. Mentoring)

ACT: Awareness —> Choice —> Transformation


Leadership Integration

Coaching Mindsets & Core Coaching Skills Leading with Values Sustaining Peak Performance Leadership Pledge

Topic 1: Coaching Foundations

In Session 1, we introduce the concept of a “coach-like” leader and how this is distinct from other styles of leadership. Through trainer-led demos, you will appreciate how coaching enables the employee to develop their own critical thinking skills to solve their own problems. 

You will learn how to create safety and trust with your employees. You will learn the coaching mindsets and foundational coaching skills – Active Listening and asking Powerful Questions.


  • Why Coaching + Leadership?
  • Creating Safety and Trust
  • Different Styles of Leading (Coaching vs. Mentoring)
  • Coaching Mindsets & Core Coaching Skills

Topic 2: Coaching Skills and Values

In Session 2, we continue to develop your leadership toolkit by providing you with more coaching skills. You will learn how to build more structure into a coach-like conversation, focusing on both reflection and action. 

You will learn how to coach using values, focusing on the things that are important to you. We will train you in how to use a structured approach to coaching employees and teams to define, honor and make value-based decisions and work through value conflicts in a constructive way.  


  • Coaching Skills
  • The Arc and Structure of a Coach-Like Conversation
  • ACT: Awareness —> Choice —> Transformation
  • Leading with Values

Topic 3: Reactive to Creative

In Session 3, participants learn how to apply the coaching skills to help employees and teams shift from a reactive to creative orientation. By building greater awareness of self-limiting beliefs and assumptions, you will help employees and teams to make more affirming choices aligned to their values. You will learn how to apply the coach approach to sustaining peak performance. 


  • Achieving Results & Creating Authentic Relationships
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reactivity
  • Reframing
  • Sustaining Peak Performance

Topic 4: Application and Integration

In Session 4, we demonstrate how the coach approach can be applied to a range of different work contexts, whether it be having difficult conversations such as giving feedback, career development, facilitating meetings or leading a change initiative. There will be time for you to reflect on and commit to how you will integrate coaching into your leadership style. Other members of the class will be your Accountability Partners, supporting and coaching you in your leadership journey.  


  • The Coach-Like Leader In Practice
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Leadership Integration
  • Leadership Pledge