The Critical Challenge Project

The Critical Challenge Project (CCP) is central to the Executive Master of Science and Technology Leadership. The project identifies a critical technology challenge for an organization, drawing from the student’s own work experience. Under the direction of a faculty member, the student analyzes this critical challenge from multiple perspectives and develops a comprehensive plan for addressing it.

Delivering Impact

The Critical Challenge Project often produces the following deliverables or outcomes:

  • Technology Innovation with potential for Market Disruption
  • New Product(s) Deployed
  • Patent Applications
  • Prototype or Proof of Concept completed during EMSTL
  • Management Decision-Making Tool or Process Enhancement


in value created


apps & products created


company investments into CCP concepts


new pilots & processes launched and funded


CCPs adopted by employers

The CCP draws upon the knowledge and skills gained by the student from each of the EMSTL courses, with particular emphasis on integrating technology, policy, and human factor aspects, considering ethical implications, and developing innovative, transformative, and viable solutions.

The CCP is expected to be relevant to the student in terms of background, interests, current job, and future aspirations. Also, it should have practical applicability to the field of technology and take into account multiple stakeholders, such as customers, developers, policymakers, and government and industry executives.

Upon completion of the Critical Challenge Project, students should be able to:

  • Tackle a technology problem facing their industry
  • Position yourself for leadership in their industry
  • Build a network of advisors for their long term career aspirations