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Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership

Go Beyond a Traditional MBA

Technology companies like Volkswagen, Boeing, and Facebook have made decisions based on technology and financial factors that have broken customer trust, decreased employee engagement, provoked punitive regulatory actions and destroyed shareholder value.

In this dynamic environment of seismic technological shifts, there is not typically one right answer when you make decisions, there are just different shades of how correct you might be. The more correct answer will emerge as you bring new perspectives or lenses to shed light on the critical questions and issues. Brown University has designed the 16-month Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) program to deliver a transformational experience.

Technology leaders need to augment their hard skills (e.g., technology) with soft skills and a broader perspective to make sure they are asking the right questions. The soft skills of persuasive communication and effective leadership are the foundation for leadership during innovative technology advancements. The program adds insight from customers, governments, regulators and system constraints that provoke discussions about ethical decision-making, data privacy, climate change, human-centered designs and artificial intelligence’s impact on humans.

This complex world requires a new master degree for technology leadership that goes beyond a traditional MBA.

EMSTL delivers real outcomes.

EMSTL students promoted within a year of graduation

EMSTL students promoted while still in the program

EMSTL students promoted to VP or C-suite

EMSTL students typically see a 2-3 year payback on their investment.

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