Priority Application Review: June 1, 2019

Applicants who submit their completed program application by the Priority Application Review Date will receive an expedited review by program leadership. To be considered for priority review, candidates must submit all completed application materials by June 1, 2019.

For further assistance, the IE Brown advising team can be reached at 401-863-2700 or

Program Calendar

The program has 5 face-to-face periods for a total of approximately 7.5 weeks in residence over 15 months. The face-to-face periods take place at the campuses of IE in Madrid, Spain, Brown University in Providence, USA and on location in Cape Town, South Africa. Between the face-to-face periods participants continue learning through interactive online modules led by faculty.

The module in South Africa is an ‘immersion experience’, specifically designed for students to experience the ‘beyond business’ focus of the program in a real setting. The week in Cape Town provides context for applied learning— applying knowledge acquired in previous classroom and online sessions. This rich field experience, in which new opportunities are proposed, explored and understood in context, is intensified and amplified by the dynamic clashes of culture, politics and human need in the selected site.

Online learning periods occur between each face-to-face module, ensuring continuous learning and interaction between classmates for the duration of the program.


Class of 2021 In-Residence Session Dates:

Period 1MadridMarch 1-13, 2020
Period 2ProvidenceJune 15-25, 2020
Period 3MadridOctober 19-29, 2020
Period 4Cape TownJanuary 15-23, 2021
Period 5ProvidenceMay 18-30, 2021
CommencementProvidenceMay 30, 2021


The tuition fees for the IE Brown Executive MBA Class of 2021, beginning study March 2020 are $135,000 USD, which includes all study materials, tuition costs and a contribution to the IE Foundation to support joint research projects between IE and Brown faculty members. Course fees do not include accommodation and travel costs for the residential periods.

Candidates also pay a non-refundable application fee of $135.00 US to cover administrative costs.

Admission is valid for two program intakes. To reserve a place in a particular intake, students are required to make a deposit of $12,000 US.


The place reservation must be paid via one of the following methods:

  • Depositing the amount in cash at IE Business School
  • By bank transfer: To request bank information for payments, please contact

To validate a place reservation made via bank transfer please send proof of both payments in the form of faxed copies of the transfer receipts to the Admissions Department. Once the admitted candidate has started the enrolment process by making the deposit of the non-refundable place reservation, IE Business School offers payment schemes for the remaining program fees. Students may pay fees in two installments, spread over six months from the program start.

IE students have various financial aid options available to them to assist them with cost of pursuing an MBA.

Financial Aid

IE students have various financial aid options available to them to assist with the cost of pursuing their MBA. Financing options for admitted students include loans, IE Foundation scholarships, veteran‘s programs, and in some cases fellowship opportunities. Detailed information on each of these options can be found on the Financial Aid website, or contact us directly at

For information about Brown Employee Scholarships, contact a program representative at or call 401-863-2700.

IE Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships

The IE Foundation aims to bring management training to those people who have excelled in the personal and professional aspects of their lives but who do not have the full financial resources necessary to access a top master degree program. These scholarships are awarded by assessing candidates on the following criteria:

  • Merit
  • Diversity
  • Financial Need


For U.S. candidates loans are available from the Smart Option Student Loan offering of Sallie Mae International. The school identifier for these loan applications is IE.

For Spanish fiscal residents living and working in Spain loans are available from two Spanish financial institutions to accommodate IE Brown EMBA student program funding needs.

For further information about Loan opportunities please see the Financial Aid website, or contact us directly at

Corporate Sponsorship

The IE Brown Executive MBA is designed to be fully compatible with the schedules and pressures of senior executives and presents a unique opportunity for top organizations to provide support for their high-potential employees, expanding their skills, broadening their perspectives and enabling companies to flourish. Both the methods of delivery as well as the carefully designed curriculum allow participants to embed the skills being learned directly into their day-to-day operations, transforming their organizations from the outset of the program.

Support from within the organization is key to the success of every participant, and represents an important investment in their human capital, awarding and engaging top performers. Sponsorship of high-potential employees can come in the form of time allotted for the mandatory face-to-face modules to partial or full funding of tuition and fees. In cases where full or partial funding for the program is provided by the employer, participants will be required to submit a completed Corporate Financing Form signed by the sponsor. For more information please contact