Redefining Leadership

A podcast dedicated to envisioning a new type of executive leadership

The Redefining Leadership Podcast captures voices from the Brown University School of Professional Studies community calling for new approaches to leadership in a global knowledge economy. Listen to podcasts from our esteemed faculty, professional alumni and guest lecturers to learn how we’re applying new frameworks from across disciplines to rethink leadership in a 21st century economy.

Leadership and Industry Disruption

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Seven Stages of GDPR

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal

EMSTL Experiential Session: Why South Korea?

Cyber Leadership: Palantir’s Civil Liberties Engineer

The Illusive Nature of Leadership

Market Research Uncovers Tech Leadership Gap

Head Rules Series

Planning and Transformation

Transforming Planning in Healthcare

Ron Rivest on Cryptography’s Past, Present and Future

Healthcare: Leading Strategic Change in Uncertain Times

5 Minutes to Midnight: Averting Cyberwar

Linn Freedman on Women in Cybersecurity

Radia Perlman on Women in Cybersecurity