Innovation Leadership

Strategies to future-proof yourself and your organization

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Change can happen in an instant. A new product, platform or technology can and often does have a drastic impact — disrupting jobs, companies and economies across the globe. Entire industries have been decimated: manufacturing, transportation, education, publishing, retail and travel. 

Micro and macro environmental disruptions can herald new opportunities, but also threaten existing organizations, teams and positions. Success requires the ability to innovate.

The choice is yours — disrupt or be disrupted.

Innovation Leadership: Strategies to Future-proof Yourself and Your Organization is a four-week online course that examines how you can leverage the power of innovation to capitalize on opportunities that will add value and resilience to your career and your organization.

Program Snapshot

Winter Session

February 7 - February 28, 2024


4 Weeks

Synchronous, online sessions

Lectures, case studies, discussions

$ 1,950


“ Mike Grandinetti offers a unique perspective on the historical waves of innovation, which has expanded my understanding of AI and provided practical insights into its applications. His ability to distill complex concepts into digestible information is remarkable. ”

Mario Milakovic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Consultant

Key Takeaways

  • A historical perspective of pinnacle innovations and organizations that failed to innovate in time
  • Strategies to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in any industry to create innovative solutions that drive growth, value and profitability
  • Tools to foster a culture of creativity and continuous improvement in your organization
  • Tactics to future-proof your organization and career, including how to best optimize the use of Generative AI tools including ChatGPT

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Who Should Attend?

Innovation Leadership: Strategies to Future-proof Yourself and Your Organization is designed for professionals at all career levels and across industries who are interested in leveraging innovative techniques to future-proof themselves and their organizations from disruptions. Specifically, those who may find the most benefit include:

  • Director & VP level in roles including strategy, product design, product development, engineering, software development
  • Members of corporate and business unit innovation groups
  • Program and project managers responsible for executing digital transformation strategies
  • HR and culture leaders looking to foster creativity in the workplace
  • Professionals who feel they have hit a career plateau