Program Leadership


Executive Academic Director, Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership, Professor of Engineering and Medical Sciences, Former Co-director, Center of Biomedical Engineering, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Anubhav Tripathi ensures the quality and relevance of the EMSTL program for a transformative experience for the students. He guides the faculty, oversees student selection and the Critical Challenge Projects, and directs program evaluation and continuous improvement. Career: At Brown, Tripathi’s research group develops new pathogen diagnostic platforms by integrating biological and engineerimore
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Faculty Members


Adjunct Professor of Engineering, Brown University
Principal, Allio Associates

EMSTL Role: Robert Allio brings a wealth of leadership experience developed over a career as a senior executive, management consultant, author, and professor and dean of a business school. Allio helps students forge a personal model of leadership based on principles and practice revealed through contemporary management theory, history, literature, politics, and psychology. His students learn how leadersmore

Associate Professor of Economics, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Geoffroy de Clippel introduces students to the way economists model individual decisions and strategic thinking. His students learn to use these analytical frameworks to set objectives and to assess constraints and market forces in a competitive landscape. Career: de Clippel is an economic theorist who uses laboratory experiments to test the empirical validity of decision making models. His more

Professor of Literary Arts, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Thalia Field leads a series of workshops in which students sharpen their leadership skills by using the practice of writing for reflection, personalized learning, and dialectical perspectives on storytelling and audience. Her writing-as-thinking approach both inspires her students and motivates her own creative work. Career: Thalia Field has published three highly-acclaimed collections of inmore

Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Joachim Krueger applies psychology to complex situations that leaders face, focusing on interpersonal trust, intergroup perception and relations, negotiation, behavior in social dilemmas, social power, and self-perception. His students gain an understanding of the cognitive and motivational factors underlying judgement and decision making. They examine the heuristics and biases in judgement more

Executive Director, IE Brown Executive MBA Program & Professor of the Practice, School of Engineering, School of Professional Studies

EMSTL Role: Pat McHugh brings over 25 years of industry experience building and leading technology companies. His students develop a strategic mindset essential for setting firm vision and direction, and identify ways to evaluate progress against strategic objectives and to diagnose a firm’s capacity for corporate innovation. Career: McHugh has held executive roles at three venture-backed firms in the cmore

Amhowitz Faculty Fellow, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations Lecturer, Economics, and Watson Institute of International & Public Affairs, Brown University Interim Chief Investment Officer, Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island

EMSTL Role: Tim Nguyen prepares students to use financial analysis and data to forecast, operate, and measure an enterprise. His students develop skills in finance and investment decision making that are necessary in assessing firm performance and new product profitability, and evaluating future potential. Career: Nguyen’s career has been in financial and investment management at for-profit and not-for-more
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Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology, Brown University
Faculty, The Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, Brown University
Associate Professor of Management, University of Massachusetts

EMSTL Role: Banu Ozkazanc-Pan examines the intersections inclusion, technology and entrepreneurship. She focuses on how entrepreneurial mindsets and leadership can foster innovation ecosystems and support creative thinking to address the challenges of tomorrow. In her class, she asks her students to consider how building and fostering entrepreneurial thinking across the organization can support the devemore

Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Classics, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Joe Pucci brings a perspective on leadership steeped in the study of history and literature. To cultivate effective leaders for the future, Pucci draws on the past to gain an understanding of the forces and characteristics that make great leaders. In his course, students examine what historical and literary figures teach us about leadership, and the power of language and meaning in society amore
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Senior Advisor
School of Professional Studies

EMSTL Role: Robin Rose is an expert facilitator, leader and coach who helps professionals transform their careers by strengthening their interpersonal skills for managing difficult conversations and their abilities to coach and lead others. Career: Rose has worked at Brown University for 35 years in senior level administrative positions, overseeing critical divisions at Brown. Throughout her career she more

Chief Innovation Officer and Technology Fellow, IGT Global Solutions

Donald L. Stanford is a founding member of GTECH Corporation (renamed IGT Global Solutions) and currently serves as its Chief Innovation Officer and Technology Fellow. Don began working for GTECH’s startup founders in 1979 as Manager of Software Development. Over thirty nine years, he has held every technical leadership position, including Vice President of Advanced Development and Chief Technologmore

Dean’s Professor of China Studies, Professor of Political Science, Brown University Howard R. Swearer Director of the Thomas J. Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

EMSTL Role: Ed Steinfeld is an expert on global innovation and how firms mobilize worldwide knowledge to create commercial value and promote technological leadership. By examining what firms achieve in different national settings, his students consider how contemporary technological advances such as data analytics, cognitive computing, and automation have influenced cross-border learning and innovation.more

Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Barbara Tannenbaum helps to transform the lives and careers of her students who develop their skills in public speaking and persuasive communication. Her students master the art of using visual and vocal communication that is audience-centered and goal-focused. Career: Tannenbaum has designed and delivered communication programs for global corporations and senior political leaders on six conmore

Ford Foundation Professor of Economics, Brown University

EMSTL Role: Rajiv Vohra’s work straddles game theory and the economics of resource allocation. He introduces students to game theoretic analysis of coalitions in various contexts, such as the formation of cartels and cooperative agreements, and the efficient allocation of resources through regulation. His students develop strategic thinking skills as they apply these analytical approaches. Career: Vohramore

Chair and Associate Professor, East Asian Studies, Brown University

EMSTL Role: An expert in Korean studies, Hye-Sook Wang leads the EMSTL experiential session in South Korea. She introduces students to the Korean culture and the rise of Korea as a global technology leader. Her students gain a nuanced understanding of the societal and cultural context for innovation and the growth of technology-driven organizations, and develop a comparative framework for assessing innomore
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Executive Coaching Partners


ACT Consultant, facilitator, and certified coach instructor

EMSTL Role Ashley Abbott is an executive coach and one of the two facilitators providing experiential training for the 1-day “Leader as Coach” module, as well as debriefs of the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment. Ashley’s approachable yet rigorous teaching and coaching style invites leaders into critical self-assessment that encourages them to maximize their leadership impact. Career Ashley beganmore

Founder of ACT

EMSTL Role Mike Hutchins is one of the trainers and coaches providing training for the 1-day “Leader As Coach” module. Mike specializes in working with the C-Suite, challenging them to see and think in new, clear ways, which lead to powerful contributions and sustainable change. With a background in consulting, he has a talent for making learning simple, quick, and lasting. Career Mike trained as CPA wimore
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