Brown’s 16-month executive format offers students the best of online and face-to-face learning. Participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the online learning environment and to get acquainted with each other online prior to the start of the program. When they arrive for the first residential session, the participants are comfortable with online learning and already know their peers.

“The balance between on-campus and online learning has allowed me to stretch my capabilities and talents to new levels, and the variety of perspectives, knowledge and expertise among faculty, guest speakers, and my fellow classmates has been invigorating and inspirational.”

EMHL Class of 2015 student

Every course begins and ends in a residential session so students fully engage and develop strong bonds with their faculty and peers. These relationships are the foundation for a powerful network that develops among the students who stimulate a lively exchange of ideas and serve each other as expert resources during and after the program. Every course is purposefully designed for online learning. Online modules are built with a brief introduction, readings or videos, and interactive assignments that foster thoughtful, substantive contributions from every student. Online learning at Brown is asynchronous so students can login to the courses and complete individual and team assignments at their convenience.

Online, students further develop connections with their peers and faculty through thoughtfully curated content, meaningful coursework, challenging discussions, and collaborative projects designed to inspire strong connections and high impact learning in the group. Online learning follows the best practices in the field, meets the needs and schedules of working professionals, and allows every voice to be heard. In addition, online learning experts provide support to students throughout the program.