We seek candidates who are dynamic, motivated, creative, and who not only present an excellent academic and professional background, but also offer the kind of interpersonal skills that will permit them to obtain maximum benefit from the program.

Successful Candidates Will be Able to Demonstrate

  • Professional achievements
  • Leadership potential
  • Academic excellence

Basic Admissions Criteria

  • Undergraduate degree
  • 10 years work experience and a minimum of 3 years professional experience in a management position.

Reflective Leaders

Entrepreneurially Minded

  • Employ innovative thinking to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Keen to explore how the latest breakthroughs in science and engineering can lay the foundation for breakout entrepreneurial ventures

Globally Aware and Inquisitive

  • Aspire to understand how the history, culture, and politics of countries and regions shape the marketplace in a global business environment
  • Enjoy questioning conventional wisdom and critically examining concepts such as rationality, value, and globalization

Morally Grounded

  • Possess a strong ethical compass and an understanding that real economic value creation should be socially and environmentally sustainable
  • Mindful that human beings are at the very center of management

Authentic and Flexible

  • Able to cope with ambiguity – the attributes needed to manage and lead in times of change
  • Cognisant of their own values and principles and not afraid to lead

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