Assistant Dean of Diversity, Brown University School of Public Health
Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Caroline Kuo is the inaugural Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at Brown University School of Public Health. In addition to her faculty appointment at Brown University School of Public Health, she also holds an appointment at the University of Cape Town Medical School. She is a global public health scientist and advocate. Her work is dedicated to building the resilience of vulnerable populations, and to creating programs that enable these populations to thrive in contexts of high adversity. She has worked with orphaned children and families; women and girls; incarcerated populations; sexual minority populations; and sex workers in countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, and the USA. She is passionate about the development of innovative, evidence-based public health programs that can be deployed on a large scale and sustained in low-resource communities. She is also dedicated to ensuring her research is policy relevant, and driven by the priorities of the populations and stakeholders she works with. Her current global public health research portfolio focuses on developing innovative family programs to promote children’s resilience for mental health and HIV prevention in South Africa; creating novel behavioral economic programs to improve treatment for teenagers living with HIV; tailoring novel HIV prevention approaches to meet the needs of young people; and testing ways to integrate prevention of HIV with prevention of rape and sexual assault. She holds a Master of Philosphy in International Development from Oxford University (Saint Cross College). She also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy, also from Oxford University (Nuffield College).


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