Visiting Associate Professor, Sociology, Brown University Professor of Practice, Cornell Tech, Cornell University

Mukti Khaire studies the intersection of entrepreneurship, culture, and creative industries. She examines how entrepreneurs individually and collectively deal with the multiple levels of uncertainty inherent in the pursuit of new market opportunities. Her students consider the challenges even successful companies face in an increasingly competitive environment: how to drive future success through innovation while maintaining core competencies, and how to manage organizational identity to maximize innovativeness.

Khaire is interested in understanding how entrepreneurs create markets for new categories of cultural goods by constructing their value and changing consumers’ beliefs about what attributes of these goods are appropriate and valuable. By examining entrepreneurship in the creative industries such as advertising, architecture and design, fashion, film, or publishing, she sheds light on the structure and functioning of these industries, and on the business and societal implications of entrepreneurship in the cultural sector. Before Brown, Khaire was an associate professor at Harvard’s Business School. Her work is widely featured at conferences and in leading business and management journals. She has authored 35 teaching cases on firms in the creative industries.

PhD, Management, Columbia Business School, Columbia University
MA, Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
MS, Environmental Science, and BS, Microbiology, University of Pune, India


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