Gregory Calderiso EMSTL 2019 Promoted to Senior Assistant Vice President at Amica

Gregory Calderiso, EMSTL 2019

Congratulations to Gregory Calderiso, Brown University Executive Masters in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) 2019, on his recent promotion to Senior Assistant Vice President in Amica Insurance’s Corporate Information Systems Department. In his new role, he oversees the operations of Amica’s core systems in CIS.

Calderiso began his career at Amica while earning his MBA from Bryant University, starting as an Integration Specialist II in 2008. He was promoted to Business Applications Assistant Manager in 2012, named an Information Systems Officer in 2013, and elevated to Assistant Vice President in 2016.

As an AVP, it was clear to him that the insurance industry was undergoing rapid technology change and shifts in consumer demands. A consumer’s digital preferences and expectations are linked to the experiences they’re having in the banking, media or retail spaces. Meanwhile, insurance transactions are still heavily dependent on representatives or agents, leaving consumers without access to more information or the ability to self-service their policies.

I didn’t want to sit back as a leader at Amica and let disruption happen to us, said Calderiso. I enrolled in EMSTL to get the tools to disrupt ourselves and think differently. I was drawn to the program’s design – its faculty, curriculum and cohort of experienced professionals – and how it challenged my thinking. I felt like I could be of more value to the company if I broadened my network and had more insight into how other companies and industries are growing.

Calderiso shared how he immediately applied the lessons he learned to his work at Amica.

Midway through the program, I took over a new area of our department. I leveraged the experiences I gained through the course discussions and case studies to push our teams to think differently, and for them to challenge themselves about how we can transform our processes and technology internally, so we can transform externally.

The program gave me frameworks and leadership skills to think big and guide team conversations about enabling customers to interact with us more dynamically, but in-line with what makes us great – to codify our customer service excellence and adapt to this new world.

Calderiso believes that this added value helped him secure his new position.

My ability to perform at a higher level, thanks to EMSTL, in my new broadened capacity at work, played a major role in my promotion. It allowed me to put leadership plans into action in a new role with increased responsibility, and become the technical professional I wanted to become.

He also commented on the value of EMSTL for his peers that share his desire to drive change.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend EMSTL to my fellow colleagues committed to transforming and digitizing organizations. It reinforced skills that I had peripherally but didn’t have the confidence to actualize. Ultimately, EMSTL helped me carve a path to become the leader that I wanted to be.

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