Michael Garner EMCS ’20 Appointed to CHS Director of Cybersecurity

Michael Garner EMCS ’20

Congratulations to Michael Garner, Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity Class of 2020, on his appointment to Director of Cybersecurity, Community Health Systems (NYSE: CYH), one of the nation’s leading operators of general acute care hospitals. In his new position, Garner will report directly to the CISO of this nationwide organization whose affiliates own, operate or lease 106 hospitals in 18 states.

Commenting on the value of EMCS in this career achievement, Garner shared,

I am greatly indebted to EMCS for my recent career advancement from manager to director at a Fortune 200 company. EMCS made my CV pop, gave me the confidence necessary for a rigorous C-suite-level interview process, and most importantly, prepared me to drive a cybersecurity strategy for a nationwide operational system that people’s lives depend on.

In his previous position, Garner followed standards that the client wanted. At CHS, leading a team of 18 to 20 people, he is defining company-wide threat and security operations and setting the company’s goals for future maturity.

In addition to his extensive cybersecurity experience, Garner credited EMCS for his preparedness to take on this added responsibility.

EMCS’s hands on and theory-based classes pulled my thinking out of the departmental weeds to strategically lead cyber across a global corporation. For example, in Intro to Cybersecurity, I developed a System and Organization Controls plan for a company that I was interviewing for. Backed by a braintrust of faculty and cohort members, I produced a plan to mature the company’s cyber operations that factored in impact on a global scale.

Elaborating further on how EMCS elevated his executive capacity, Garner said,

Instead of thinking about cyber from the ground up where the emphasis is on vulnerability and monitoring, now I look at what’s happening at the hospital’s operations level. I’m focused on making sure whatever controls we put in place accommodates human factors and empowers the hospital to improve its service to its patient population.

Garner also shed light on the value of his EMCS cohort and the transformative effect they had on his leadership mindset.

My cohort gave me a huge shot of confidence. You know you have a certain knowledge base, but when you’re enmeshed in a group of outstanding professionals from across the industry and you see how much they appreciate your insights, you get a real sense of your expertise’s value.

On the importance of leadership in today’s job market, Garner noted,

CHS cares about leadership and boasts an award winning-management team. By committing to a rigorous cybersecurity leadership program, my CV signaled my intention to meet the high bar the company sets for its executives.

I highly recommend this program to all my colleagues in cyber with executive potential. I haven’t even graduated and the degree is already catapulting my career forward.  Its Ivy credibility coupled with industry leadership focus puts EMCS in a class of its own for CISO-bound cyber professionals.

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