Check out a Rising Star: Matt Fisher EMSTL ’19 Promoted to Director at Microsoft

It’s not easy bridging the gap from manager to director in the tech space. Professionals often stall out at the manager level.  Not, Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership Class of 2019 Matt Fisher. Barely past four short years at Microsoft, he was promoted from Senior Manager, Data & Applied Science to Director, Windows Developer Engagement – DevCollective.

Commenting on his promotion, Fisher shared,

It’s a big step up and a great opportunity for me to expand my passion project to teach the world to code. The leadership communications skills I’ve learned while attending Brown EMSTL helped me achieve this promotion, and those skills will serve me for the rest of my career.

But that’s not all he’s accomplishing these days. In case you missed the news, Fisher led the Microsoft 2018 Redmond Science Fair winning team for the development of Codie, a coder’s personal intelligent assistant for instant access to information such as commands in Python and syntax for SQL database queries.  

Fast Company recently showcased Codie, quoted Fisher, and included his picture in an article on Microsoft’s AI-to-market push.

To scale new leadership heights in your career, it’s not about going deeper into your area of expertise. It’s about going broader. You can have the best idea in the world, but it’s pointless if you can’t communicate it in a multi-stakeholder environment and inspire teams across the finish line.

Best of luck Matt in your new position!

To learn more about Fast Company’s coverage of Fisher and his AI work, go to Required Reading: Microsoft’s AI pipeline, feat. Matt Fisher EMSTL ’19

Matt Fisher EMSTL ’19

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