The Art of the Real: How to Get the Truth, Jim Austin and Paul Shoemaker

Congratulations to Jim Austin, Brown University Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) who recently co-authored with Paul Shoemaker, senior fellow and former research director, Wharton’s Mack Institute, in Inc Magazine, The Art of the Real: How to Get the Truth.

The article opens with,

The internet was supposed to make us all smarter, given its limitless access to information. This is still possible in theory if you know how to avoid the traps and pitfalls cleverly arranged at times by those seeking to obscure the truth.

So, how do we know who to trust on what subjects and when?

Austin and Shoemaker answer this question by exploring strategies for separating fact from fiction.

Commenting on the connection between this article and his EMHL class, Leadership and Marketing Skills for Healthcare Transformation, Austin shared,

Leadership is about setting a direction, and bringing others along in the journey. The problem is reaching across our different “tribes” and creating alignment to go forward. This article is about how to separate fact from fiction, a fundamental part of the EMHL leadership journey.

You can read the full article, The Art of the Real: How to Get the Truth, here.

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