Welcome Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity 2020

We are proud to welcome the Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) Class of 2020 to campus this week for the first residential session of their 18-month journey. Together the EMCS Class of 2020 will work to address the need for global strategic leadership that spans cybersecurity’s mixed terrain across technical, human and policy challenges.

The week kicks off with a Brown University convocation ceremony. Students will walk through Brown’s iconic Van Wickle Gates, one of the University’s most revered traditions reserved only for students to mark the beginning and end of their Brown experience. Playing the bagpipes at the ceremony will be EMCS 2019 students, George Hasseltine, a Marine Corps officer and recent recipient of a CrowdStrike Award, and Sean Poyntz, a trader at Lucerne Capital Management. The keynote talk, “Cybersecurity – The New Grand Challenge,” will be delivered by Brown University An Wang Professor Emeritus of Computer Science John Savage.

Also on campus this week will be the EMCS Class of 2019. These two cohorts will have multiple opportunities to meet and share ideas at this session’s lineup of academic- and industry-leading guest lectures, including:

  • UC Berkeley Computer Science Professor and MacArthur Fellow Dawn Song who will speak about challenges and exciting new opportunities at the intersection of AI and security.
  • Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin who will share insights on the state of cybersecurity at the US policy level.
  • CVS Health Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer Frank Price who will engage with students in a discussion about regulations and standards related to risk management and security.

On Monday, while EMCS 2020 dives into their first day of coursework, EMCS 2019 will spend the day visiting the IBM cybersecurity command center in Cambridge, MA where they will have a unique opportunity to participate in a breach simulation in the IBM Cyber Range virtual environment. In the simulation, students are broken up into groups, each assigned a different role to play from IT to PR. The breach gets worse and worse through the simulation – including social media, clients calling into call centers that are overflowing, TV stations at the reception area, and, of course, the dreaded call from the CEO asking for a briefing.

To get a sense of this simulation experience, check out coverage of the IBM Cyber Range on the Today Show here.

The intensity of the week will be broken up by social events scattered across the week, including events with the esteemed members of the EMCS Advisory Committee.

Sharing his thoughts on the new cohort, EMCS Program Director Alan Usas shared,

Beyond the professional and academic excellence needed for admission, this cohort boasts a dynamic group of individuals including a repertory theater board member, a former mayor, the founder of Diverse.org, and two English literature majors.

Though classes have not started yet, I can see already from their online interactions that this will be another outstanding EMCS cohort ready to take on the demanding curriculum, and lead in this critical growth field.

Good luck to the Class of 2020 as they embark on their exciting journey, and we hope both cohorts have a rich and rewarding experience this week at Brown.

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