Julie Lassonde EMBA ’18 Named IE Woman of the Month

Julie A Lassonde, EMBA ’18

Congratulations to Julie Lassonde, IE Brown Executive MBA 2018, and president and CEO of Lassonde Capital, on being named IE Woman of the Month.  Lassonde has accumulated more than twenty years experience in the banking and mining industries. Over the last ten years, she has acted as an executive or director for eight junior mining companies, including leadership roles as president or CEO at Takara Resources, Garson Gold Corp., and Shear Diamonds, where she spent considerable time in the Canadian North, operating a small scale diamond mine.  She began her career at Macquarie Bank, in Sydney, Australia, focusing on foreign exchange and financial analysis, after training in civil engineering at Queen’s University.

Lassonde currently serves on the board of Calibre Mining Company and FireFox Gold. In addition to her current role as a governor of York University, she also has served on several charitable boards (including the Lassonde Family Trust) and foundation boards. 

To find out how the IE Brown Executive MBA impacted her career, read IE’s interview with Lassonde here.

It’s harder to say how this program has not impacted my life. It has been so life changing in many ways, from the courses and the professors, the learning, and the long-lasting friendships that I’ve made, that it is challenging to say how it has impacted my life in one sentence alone.

However, what I have noticed is that I am significantly more efficient at getting “stuff,” and I mean all manner of “stuff,” done now.  During the program, since time was so scarce, I was forced to get very good at getting a lot of things done extremely efficiently. So perhaps one word alone will suffice— Efficiency!

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