Brown Executive Students, Start Your Engines for Hyundai & Brown Visionary Challenge!

Brown executive students are invited to join forces with University faculty and other Brown students to compete in the Hyundai Visionary Challenge.  A recently announced partnership between Hyundai Motor Company and Brown University, the Challenge calls on Brown students and faculty to form small teams and collaborate on research proposals focused on smart mobility for sustainable cities.  The Challenge culminates in the selection of up to three faculty for sponsored research awards of $100,000-$250,000 to continue research development.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2018. See the website for more detail.

Brown’s Office for Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing (IECV) is working with Hyundai Motor Company to bring the Hyundai Visionary Challenge (HVC) to Brown this fall. The areas for competition are:

  • Biology-inspired mobility: Looking to nature for inspiration, where can we unlock lessons and derive inspiration to shape Smart Mobility architecture? How can we use biology to inspire new ways of thinking?
  • Digital phenotyping: How can digital phenotyping inform Smart Mobility solutions to improve the individual and community experience? How can digital phenotyping impact the mobility dynamic within populations?
  • Human-Machine Partnerships: How seamless can we make the man-machine partnership? How does the man-machine partnership enhance the vision of Smart Mobility?

The project is being led by Brown alumnus Dr. YoungCho Chi (’89), Hyundai’s Chief Innovation Officer and Dr. Don Chang, Senior Research Engineer for Hyundai (see video within HVC website here. Students and faculty are encouraged to compete by submitting their ideas in a series of short, informal videos.

There will be two phases:

  • Phase I: Student Competition. Students (present and past), under the mentorship of a faculty member,  will compete for a cash award (multiple winners totaling $45,000) and the opportunity to speak at the Hyundai Mobility Conference in Silicon Valley in November (exact date TBD). Faculty mentors will help students hone their ideas through an online platform through the month of September. A team of judges from Brown and Hyundai will select the winners and announce them in mid-October.
  • Phase II: Sponsored Research. The winning submissions and their related faculty mentors’ labs will be considered for further collaboration with Hyundai. Hyundai will select up to three faculty for sponsored research awards of $100,000-$250,000 to continue research development.

The partnership with Hyundai will span a minimum of three years. Some awards may be considered for multi-year funding.

To learn more about the Hyundai Visionary Challenge, go here.

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