The Power of Collaboration at EMSTL – From Water Cooler Chat to Top Place Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Amol Soin, Chairman and Medical Director at the Ohio Pain Clinic, and member of the Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) Class of 2019. Soin’s abstract, Implementing a Machine Learning Algorithm to Accurately Diagnose Spinal Pain Conditions, was selected by the Ohio Society of Interventional Pain Physicians as first place for Investigator Initiated Study for the organization’s annual meeting, August 17-19, 2018 in Cincinnati Ohio.

The idea for this paper has an interesting origin story which begins with Soin’s chance encounter with one of his EMSTL cohort members, Senior Data & Applied Scientist Manager at Microsoft Matthew Fisher. 

According to Soin,

The first day of EMSTL, while waiting in line for snacks, I got to know Matt. We discussed options for machine learning in healthcare. Since then Matt and I have traded messages about options, practicality, etc.

Being a neuroscientist, I put together what turned out to be a winning abstract at this prominent pain management conference. This concept came from some of Matt’s ideas, and I would never really get to interact with someone of Matt’s skill set in my normal physician life.

Soin commented on the unique opportunity EMSTL offers to engage with a curated mix of science and technology experts for cross-disciplinary conversations that evolve into industry-impacting solutions.

It’s amazing to me that an idea born out of a water cooler encounter is receiving strong interest from my peers in the medical community. Matt and I plan to build on this concept which might lead to a new solution to help patients. It exemplifies the real world results that EMSTL’s collaborations yield, and best of all, I got to make a new friend.

Dr. Soin founded the Ohio Pain Clinic of which he is both Chairman and Medical Director, in 2007. It has subsequently grown to five offices. His company, Soin Neuroscience recently signed a $225 million-dollar drug development deal for one of his patents and has a portfolio of products in development. Soin is also the founder of Physician Investment Group, an angel/venture capital fund.

To learn more about Microsoft Data & Applied Scientist Manager Matthew Fisher, read Microsoft Hackathon Top Prize Goes to EMSTL 2019 Matthew Fisher

*Soin co-authored Implementing a Machine Learning Algorithm to Accurately Diagnose Spinal Pain Conditions with Michael Verdon and Megan Hirschbeck.

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