Is Privacy Even Possible in this Golden Age of Data Breaches? Alan Usas

Alan Usas, EMCS Program Director

In the wake of the eFail revelation, Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) Program Director Alan Usas ponders, in his latest CSO blog post, the Sisyphean challenge that cybersecurity professionals face. He asks, how does one find their way out of what Mary Meeker of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers refers to as the technology industry’s privacy paradox.

Never one to wallow in misery, Usas provides strategic insights about how to navigate this conundrum and stay ahead of the threats.

As Usas states,

The future is a connected one, and the challenge is to make it a secure one.

Brown University designed the Executive Master in Cybersecurity program to help professionals cultivate a high-impact strategic mindset and leadership capacity.  To gain cutting-edge perspectives on the issues driving this rapidly evolving industry,  follow Usas on CSO.

Enjoy his most recent post, Is privacy even possible in this Golden Age of Data Breaches?



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