The Quantum Computing Cyber Storm is Coming, Alan Usas

Alan Usas, EMCS Program Director

In his latest CSO article, The Quantum Computing Cyber Storm is Coming, Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) Program Director Alan Usas discusses what cyber leaders need to know now to protect their critical data in the quantum era.  He writes,

Of all the currently emerging technologies, quantum computing is probably near the top of the list when it comes to revolutionary potential. The disruption that will follow in its wake, especially for established technologies like encryption, could be nothing short of a Category 5 mega storm.

While large-scale quantum computers are not yet available, Usas warns, hackers aren’t waiting.

Potential attackers are stealing encrypted data right now, with the expectation that quantum computers will let them break those locks in the near future. Anyone without the proper data protection today, risks a quick breach as soon as quantum machines are available.

To find out what forward-thinking cybersecurity leaders and companies, like Quantum Cryptography Telecommunication System, IBM, and Quantum Xchange, are doing to protect against this coming threat, read the rest of the article here.

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