Dr. Lwabanya Marx EMHL ’17, Appointed to Medical Director, Nundu Deaconess Hospital, Congo

Congratulations to Dr. Lwabanya Marx, Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) Class of 2017, on his appointment to Medical Director of Nundu Deaconess Hospital, a more than 100 bed rural hospital serving a population of 204,552 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

After taking on this new role, Dr. Marx reached out to EMHL faculty members. His comments capture the value of the program, even after graduation, for conquering new challenges.

At Nundu Hospital the maternal and infant care is not sufficient, the death rate is high, and there isn’t any equipment like incubators or trained nurses for neonates care. I felt compelled to respond to this need, however as I embark on this new endeavor, I will need your advice more than ever to lead the improvement in care that these women and infants desperately require.

Previously, Dr. Marx won the 2017 Brown University Graduate School Master’s Award for Professional Excellence for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of maternal and neonatal care in developing countries. He focused his EMHL Critical Challenge Project (CCP), a capstone requirement for Brown Executive Master students, on the development of a neonatal center and a nurse training program at the Van Norman Clinic where he worked as a physician in Burundi, a country with the fifth highest neonatal mortality rate in the world.

He recently updated us on the impressive progress of his neonatal initiative. The Clinic won a Butterfield foundation grant to buy equipment locally and created a partnership with the Gould Family Foundation (GFF) that is helping the clinic on a number of fronts, including connections to sources from other countries for donated equipment and nurse training opportunities.  He noted that he will remain involved in supporting the effort at the Van Norman Clinic while serving Nundu Deaconess in Congo.

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Dr. Lwabanya Marx, EMHL ’17

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