What’s Your Strategy for Leading in Times of Uncertainty? Jim Austin

Brown University Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) Senior Lecturer Jim Austin recently published an article in FierceHealthcare, What’s your strategy for leading in times of uncertainty? Calling on his vast experience working with healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, physician groups, and pharmacy benefit managers, Austin shares his thoughts on how healthcare leaders can drive transformative change in a rapidly changing industry.

Referencing the need for both incremental and transformative change, Austin writes,

What’s interesting to realize is that incremental change is a necessary precondition for driving transformative developments. Only by freeing up resources from ever more efficient current operations can organizations invest in transformative initiatives that typically take several years to yield positive returns.

The other, somewhat harsh, realization is that while incremental changes can be identified through a review of past efforts, transformative responses cannot. In fact, the definition of true uncertainty vs. risk management is that the future will not be similar to the past, possibly not even within the realm of what was foundational in the past.

To learn more about how healthcare leaders can pursue both short and long terms goals, you can read the rest of this article here, or read Austin’s new book, Transformative Planning: How Your Healthcare Organization Can Strategize for an Uncertain Future.

Jim Austin, a former senior executive at Baxter Healthcare, combines business strategy and organizational development theory with extensive industry experience. His expertise is in working with senior management on strategic planning, organizational change, strategy execution and new business growth. To read his full bio, please go here.

Jim Austin, MPA, MURP

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