Bonnie Brayton EMSTL ’19, Promoted to R&D Operational Excellence Leader at DowDuPont New Division

Bonnie Brayton, EMSTL ’19

Congratulations to Bonnie Brayton, Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL) Class of 2019, on her promotion to R&D Operational Excellence Leader at Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™. This promotion marks a major advancement from Brayton’s research career to a strategic partner position within R&D.

“It’s an innovative new role in a new company,” said Brayton. “With our new team, Corteva Agriscience is formally expanding the concept of continuous improvement for operational excellence across the company’s R&D teams.”

Brayton shared how she believes the EMSTL curriculum will support her success in her new job.

“My success in this new position will depend on my ability to convince a diverse set of stakeholders such as scientists and group leaders to adopt new practices. I chose EMSTL because its broad curriculum gives technical experts like myself a toolset to engage and influence professionals outside my own area of expertise.”

Though Brayton has only been in the program for a couple months, she shared how the program’s signature leadership curriculum has already impacted her. 

“The leadership curriculum has helped me cultivate a leadership style centered on seeing the world through other people’s eyes and communicating in a new way. These skills will be hugely beneficial to me in my new position in which I’ll need to boost enthusiasm from R&D teams across the company for reducing waste and improving efficiency.”

This promotion is one of many moving pieces in Brayton’s life. To assume this new position she is moving her family from Hawaii to Iowa, one of Corteva Agrisciences’ business centers. She is also moving forward with her EMSTL studies and Six Sigma Certification.

“It has been challenging to have so many plates spinning,” said Brayton. “But everyone at Brown has been incredibly supportive. My advisory committee is helping me rethink my Critical Challenge Project to fit my new role.

Yes, EMSTL adds more work in this time of change in my life, but it’s giving me the tools to be more effective and successful in my transition to this new management role.”

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