EMHL Podcast: Jim Austin on Transformative Planning

Jim Austin, MPA, MURP

Transforming healthcare and achieving the triple aim. We all know we need to do it. The question is how.     

Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership faculty member Jim Austin sheds light on this subject in his new book, Transformative Planning: How Your Healthcare Organization Can Strategize for an Uncertain Future. The book is based on Austin’s extensive experience working with healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, physician groups, and pharmacy benefit managers.  

Enjoy this mini-interview to find out how Austin packs into 120 pages a “how-to” guide for leaders looking to drive transformative change in a rapidly changing industry.

Jim Austin, a former senior executive at Baxter Healthcare, combines business strategy and organizational development theory with extensive industry experience. His expertise is in working with senior management on strategic planning, organizational change, strategy execution and new business growth, To read his full bio, please go here.


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